Safety Consultancy BVBA

Safety Consultancy

Safety Consultancy is a dynamic company specialized in the offshore wind industry as well as in the onshore industries such as pharma, petrochemicals and civil harbor engineering. Our staff consists of very experienced and highly qualified safety experts who implement their knowledge and skills on a daily basis. We have (Sr) Safety Experts / Level 2 & 1 Preventive Consultants and Quality who are developing, guiding and advising safety management systems. We also offer project management both in Belgium and abroad.. Customization is the key word for Safety Consultancy. In consultation with our client we define the scope of work and offer the best suitable package. Safety Consultancy is not just a consultant. For longer term commitments we are not limiting ourselves to giving advice, but we also support the implementation of these advises.

We offer mediation between professionals in the following areas: quality, safety, Arbo and environment.

Operating in the following sectors:

• Energy
• Oil and gas
• Electrical Engineering
• (Petro) Chemical
• Pharma
• Steel
• Building and Construction
• Government
• Offshore

Our service includes the following topics: 

• Project Advice and Guidance
• Development and implementation of Management Systems
• Risk assessment and evaluation
• Development of safety plans and procedures
• QHSE Inspections
• Incident Investigations
• Safety audits VCA , ISO 45001
• Safety coordination for temporary or mobile construction sites

Especially for offshore wind farms : 

• Vessel compliance audits according to IMCA - CMID
• Vessel Marine Coordination for offshore wind farms
• Offshore representatives
• Offshore Inspections
• Development of HSE management system
• Design of introduction system for project staff and for certification management




Safety first

Better safe than sorry!

Safety Consultancy BVBA